Sole Dalla Via

Sole is a Jazz – Contemporary and Modern Dance Teacher.
At the age of 8 she decided to take up Jazz dance. In the early stages of her dancing it was just for fun, however, at the age of 12 she truly found a passion for dance and wanted to make a career from her dancing. Along with focusing on her Jazz dance career she also took up ballet, Contemporary and Latin American classes and workshops and danced with many professional dancers and teachers in Argentina. At the age of 16 she started teaching classes to young girls and Dancers for Dancers, TDA eisteddfod, Dreams into Reality, Dance Star competition and the World Lyrical Championship in England.

In 2017 she received the Dance Entrepreneur award from Out of Africa Company for her teaching.

In 2018 she became business partners with Samantha in Dance Lab and together they produced Wonderland, an amazing successful show.
In 2019 she did a 5 month trip to Argentina working as a Modern teacher for a recognized Argentinian Dance school, Hey Body Club, presenting two dances.
She is back in Cape Town continuing partnership in the Dance Lab family.

She strives to teach her students everything she knows about dance, giving them all her secrets to dance and techniques, and making them the best dancers they can be. She sees Dance Lab as an environment where everyone can express their feelings through dance in a happy and safe place, learning and dancing .